EnTT tips & tricks

Groups on sale

Groups in EnTT are an incredibly powerful tool that allows for perfect SoA under certain circumnstances. However, they’ve also some limitations. How far can we go to squeeze the best from them? [Read More]
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ECS back and forth

Part 2 - Where are my entities?

Second part of the ECS back and forth series. After a half-way solution between OOP and component-based models and an approach where entities were also indexes, I want to introduce another couple of techniques that try to get rid of some common problems seen so far. In particular, we have... [Read More]
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EnTT and double buffering

More than once I’ve been asked to put built-in support for double buffering or N-buffering in general within EnTT. A patch has also been submitted but it had some inherent problems and could not be merged. Fortunately double buffering can also be easily implemented on top of a registry and... [Read More]
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ECS back and forth

Part 1 - Introduction

The first time I heard of the entity component system architectural pattern, I searched on the web for more information. Sadly, I didn’t find many details on the topic nor a single source where the different approaches were described along with their pros and cons. Almost every article, every post,... [Read More]
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