These are the slides of a talk I gave at the Italian C++ Conference 2019 in Milan. The conference was organized by the Italian C++ Community.
The goal of the talk was to present the three best known and apparently most used models for the implementation of a software (either a game or whatever) based on the entity-component-system architectural pattern.

In particular:

  • The Big Array: used by entityx among the others, probably one of the first ECS libraries in C++.
  • Archetypes: used in the Unity engine, but also by decs if you’re looking for an open-source implementation in C++.
  • Sparse Set: used by EnTT, an ECS library in modern C++ and of which I’m also the author.

In just 50 minutes I tried to go through the pros and cons of these models (probably failing in the attempt, but I did my best), hoping to give a grasp of the topic to those interested.

The talk was also recorded. You can find the full video here.
Thanks to the Italian C++ Community for the opportunity to show to the world how bad is my English. :-)

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