ECS back and forth

Part 8 - Type Id

When I started writing this series, the approach used to make EnTT work across boundaries was questionable. It worked but in a cumbersome manner that was difficult to work with, sometimes unclear or even dangerously close to being unstable. I tried to give some insights of this approach with my... [Read More]
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Idioms, you're doing it right

Italian C++ Day 2019

These are the slides of a talk I gave at the Italian C++ Day 2019 in Parma. The conference was organized by the Italian C++ Community. The goal of the talk was to describe the evolution of the language from the point of view of its idioms. I tried to... [Read More]
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ECS back and forth

Part 7 - Shared data

This time I want to answer a question that has been asked me several times on gitter or directly through issues open to EnTT. Given that sharing data can be a concise and elegant solution to some problems, I’m not a fan of the built-in solutions offered sometimes for this... [Read More]
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