These are the slides of a talk I gave at the Italian C++ Day 2019 in Parma. The conference was organized by the Italian C++ Community.
The goal of the talk was to describe the evolution of the language from the point of view of its idioms. I tried to analyze how the latter had been influenced by the different revisions of the standard.
A particular reading key of a little discussed topic that the participants seem to have liked fortunately.

In just 50 minutes I went through as many idioms as possible, trying to entertain the attendees while still leaving them something to take away.
The beginner saw what the more experienced had to go through at the time, the seasoned programmer instead took a peek at C++20.

I was a little skeptical about the topic chosen because it risked being a big fail. However, all in all the feedback was excellent and I hope the presentation was useful for many.

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