EnTT and double buffering

More than once I’ve been asked to put built-in support for double buffering or N-buffering in general within EnTT. A patch has also been submitted but it had some inherent problems and could not be merged. Fortunately double buffering can also be easily implemented on top of a registry and... [Read More]
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ECS back and forth

Part 1 - Introduction

The first time I heard of the entity component system architectural pattern, I searched on the web for more information. Sadly, I didn’t find many details on the topic nor a single source where the different approaches were described along with their pros and cons. Almost every article, every post,... [Read More]
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Generic, type-safe delegates in C++ (revised)

Back in 2011, an interesting post about generic, type-safe delegates and events in C++ appeared on the web. Most of the implementations of a delegate class you can find around on GitHub are largely inspired by this article, sometimes with a few changes. Sadly, most of these implementations also stick... [Read More]
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