ECS back and forth

Part 4 - Hierarchies

Hierarchies, both a blessing and a curse for the entity-component-system architectural pattern. One of the first questions that anyone makes when starting to work with an ECS is how to represent hierarchies in this model without ruining the performance. There are several approaches to the problem and what’s the best... [Read More]
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ECS back and forth

Italian C++ Conference 2019

These are the slides of a talk I gave at the Italian C++ Conference 2019 in Milan. The conference was organized by the Italian C++ Community. The goal of the talk was to present the three best known and apparently most used models for the implementation of a software (either... [Read More]
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The C++ of EnTT

Level UP Conference 2019

These are the slides of a talk I gave at the Level UP Conference 2019 in Rome. The conference was organized by AIV, the Italian Academy of Videogames. I was asked to talk about the C++ of EnTT and the techniques mainly used in the library. Unfortunately the time wasn’t... [Read More]
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EnTT tips & tricks

Groups on sale

Groups in EnTT are an incredibly powerful tool that allows for perfect SoA under certain circumnstances. However, they’ve also some limitations. How far can we go to squeeze the best from them? [Read More]
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