I’m Michele skypjack Caini, a software developer from Florence, Italy. When I need something, I develop it (and publish my projects for the open source community if possible).
I’m also the author of:

  • EnTT, an open source library written in C++ and used also by Mojang in Minecraft.
  • uvw, probably the most used C++ wrapper for libuv.

And some other projects quite used but certainly less known than the two above. Take a look at my GitHub account to see what I’m working on.

I’m usually active all around the web, from GitHub to StackOverflow and all in between.
In my free time I dedicate myself mainly to my wife and my son. And when I take a minute for myself, I like to spend my time developing small 2D games (the only ones I can complete alone in the short time available) or working on EnTT, uvw and the others.


Unfortunately it’s difficult to start new open source projects, maintain a high level of quality (the same required to become part of the second best-selling game ever), add new features and give support on different tools, not being able to work on them except in the free time.

This is why your support is important and can make the difference.

If you like my works and you’re using them in your real world products or if you just want to help me, consider to donate or to become a sponsor and allow me to spend more and more time on the projects you love.

Thank you.